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Sarper Şoher Privacy Policy

 Sarper Şoher does not collect, use or share any personally identifiable user information through his website ( or any of his video game titles.

The only collected data consists of anonymous information on how the user interacts with the games. The data being collected helps improving the games by better understanding the difficulty curve and general interaction issues the players are having. You can find a complete list of information that is being collected below.

 As stated above, none of the collected data listed above contains any personally identifiable user information (e.g. gender, age, location, etc.).

 Sarper Şoher utilizes third party systems listed below, the listed services may collect additional information. Please refer to their Privacy Policy addresses given with the list below for more information on each specific item. You can also opt-out from their services using their given addresses.

Google Analytics and Admob
Privacy Policy

Unity Analytics and Unity Ads Network
Privacy Policy

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sarper Şoher using the contact form in his website