I'm Sarper Şoher, a Game Designer & Developer since the early 2000s. Some quick facts about me:

⬤ Nearing my third decade in the industry, I have been working on games in some capacity since I was 10.

⬤ I have worked at various game development companies, including Proje Calide, Ark, Mobilecraft, Moda, and Funrika, in roles such as developer, senior developer, tech lead, and project manager. Additionally, I have done a lot of freelancing and contract work between jobs to fund independent game development.

⬤ I have developed and released games on platforms such as Steam, itch.io, Google Play, and the App Store.

⬤ Game design and programming are my strongest suits, but I am also experienced in 3D modeling, texturing, animation, VFX, 2D design, and video editing to varying degrees, having had to learn these skills out of necessity in my solo developed projects.

⬤ I have management experience leading teams and projects. I possess the ability to communicate effectively with all involved departments, having worn many hats in the past. This includes addressing not only design and technical challenges but also focusing on the human aspects of game development, which fascinates me. It's incredibly rewarding to see a well-functioning team that believes in the project, works efficiently, and feels deeply invested in its success.