Last Bastion is out on Steam!


Last Bastion

Shooter / Defense with RPG Elements

Defeat the armies of Demon Iacobus with your rapid firing ballista and protect the Last Bastion!

100 Balls


Fill the passing cups, unlock all the colors, beat everyone's highscore!


Last Bastion is out on!.
Last Bastion is out on Steam!.
Last Bastion will be released on Steam for Windows, Linux and MacOS in January 2022. Wishlist it!
An update just went live that fixes a regression from the previous patch that would cause the game to not start correctly on Android.
Fixed a bug that would cause the UI to look glitchy in non-English devices for Last Bastion. A patch that fixes it is sent to Apple and Google and the update will go live as soon as it's approved on both stores.
Last Bastion is out on Android and iOS!
As we are nearing the release of my next game titled "Last Bastion", I've rebranded the games, store accounts and the website to reflect my name. Accidental Empire Entertainment is no more, and it's web address will redirect to until expiration.
Switched from Wordpress to a completely hand written website that is designed to be static, tiny, fast and responsive.


Video games are conceived from a fleeting thought, a sudden glimpse of a vision with an unknown origin. It's magical how one can, after putting in thousands of hours of work, turn these thoughts and visions into a physical experience that can be shared.

Early 2014, after 8 years of working in the industry, I've decided to go independent and make games as a solo developer. This website and it's contents are the results of this passion project.