The Genius Game Programmer

Since I’ve started teaching myself programming in my early ages, I’ve always been impressed by people who are said to be gifted programmers with advanced thinking, people who are at some level of this art where we can never even dream to reach, they have a level of information and experience we can never achieve. The so called “Genius” programmers. Well let me tell you this, from my current perspective, I deeply believe that this is a lie that aspiring programmers tell out of frustration that’s happening as the outcome of lack of understanding of the concepts and aspects of programming.

Now looking back to the years when I was just entering the teenage era of my life, I had an older friend I’ve met through a Turkish game developers forum. He was also self taught programmer and I remember how he helped me greatly through Skype, giving me tutorials  and teaching me the basic stuff with C++. He also had a simple RPG game demo where you could run around in an environment that includes a heightmap terrain, MD2 models and a random rain generator with particles. I was so eager to make something that looks like a game and his tech demo was all I ever wanted to realize, my goal and dream. No need to mention that he was a god and a genius from my standpoint. Over the years, my knowledge and experience grew and as I acquire more skills with various engines and programming languages, my idols changed over time.

Lately, almost about for the last two years, I’ve become a man who loves to learn and experiment with stuff. With no expectation from learning, now I learn just to learn out of my passion for the art of our work. And it’s not just programming but also other disciplines about what we do, like modelling, texture painting, animation, sound effects etc.

I think I can say that finally I understand those people who come up with great ideas, great bright ideas that revolutionize the way we look at things, the way we interact with the development tools and the games themselves. Those people don’t have a special advanced way of thinking that is given to them by birth. There is no enhancement in their brains. They just love to work. They focus on what they love. They love to put the things they learn into practice and come out with the wonderful results that we look in awe and declare them Gods among us “ordinary programmers” who do the “code typing” that any programmer does.

Anyway, what I’m trying to tell you is, learn to love the act of learning. Love to develop yourself. Don’t just work on the tasks your lead or director or whoever gave you, the time is passing and every single bit of information you gain is a huge plus, a step to become a god for other lazy ass programmers who tell themselves the lies about the myth of “Genius Game Programmer”.

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  1. saiful103a

    This is exactly the right thinking that always comes into my mind. There is no genius(may be there is !!!!????).
    It’s all about how we work and work hard.
    If anyone who thought to be a genius and sit inside the house all day doing nothing then after several months people will be calling him …( not so genius).
    Great post.


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