Last month we made a game for Gamejolt Official Contest with a couple of friends. The theme of the contest was “Fear” so I came up with this idea of a young tribe boy aged 13, going through a trial to be accepted as a man for his people. His trial was to hunt down a fearsome beast in the jungle by himself, at night, with just a single wooden throwing spear. So as the name suggests (means the fear of being in the woods at night) we had a very nice setting for a fear themed game. Guys liked it and we decided we are making it but we didn’t have much time as we all have our day jobs. We spent around 10 hours on it and thankfully we were on vacation due to a national holiday so we were able to just call it finished. There were a lot more to add to the game but sadly we had to leave it as it is because we barely made it to the deadline.


To our surprise Kotaku also covered the game in a new entry. It was a huge boost that we just stumbled upon it by a friend giving us a heads up. Read it here Kotaku News Entry

So please play it in a dark room with headphones. Using the 3D sound to track down the beast is the best way to enjoy the game. Below are some instructions and a link to the games website. Enjoy!


Play the Game Here



  • WASD and mouse controls the character.
  • Hold left mouse button to charge up and throw your spear. The longer you hold down the button, the further it will go.
  • The keys 1 and 2 alters the brightness.
  • Key 3 switches to fullscreen (Very highly recommended).

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