New Books for 2015

I know my current level, I know what I need and want to learn so I’ve bought a bunch of books to improve myself in the field of programming. Plan is to finish them (and maybe get more to read) in 2015. Here is my list;

I bought the above because I believe those are the bare minimum requirements to get a nice start on the C++ language and also the most credible sources. C# is the only language I have the professional proficiency of so far, I thought I should to get out of my comfort zone and learn the most popular programming language in the video game industry.

This one for it’s simpler approach to teaching math geared towards the video games. I already have the Eric Lengyel’s amazing book on the topic but it’s a bit advanced for me right now. I didn’t get a great math education in school (My high school and graduate school were both vocational in the field of public relations so very little math education on there). So this is one area I particularly have to work on.

Because I don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough on these subjects. I need a larger mental toolbox and more efficient ways to manipulate and generate code.

Because these are lighter to read than the above mentioned technical books and I believe essential to open up new horizons for any programmer of any level. Also the latter fills an important gap in my opinion, for years now I’ve been thinking that the programmers who started learning this craft 20-30 years ago were luckier because the computers of the time were simpler and it was easier to understand what’s going on under the hood so they had the basics to build up on as the computer technology progressed. For any self taught programmer who started in the 2000’s it’s a little bit hard to understand how everything works in today’s relatively complex machines especially while trying to learn a lot of the other things which makes a programmer. So it’s a nice book which starts with topics such as the Morse code and the early telegraph systems and spans the whole history of computers in an easy to digest way.

So this is my reading plan for the 2015 and if I finish all these books before the year ends I have more to continue improve myself and help realize my potential. But those books are a subject of another post in the future.

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