Materials From Textures Through a Context Menu in Unity

I sometimes find it painful to create materials in Unity. The process goes like this: Developer, Clicks on Create->Material Names the Material asset Chooses a shader for the material from the material inspector shader drop-down Finds the texture to be used in this material, drags and drops it to the respective texture channel This seems like a… Continue reading

Touch Juggler

Extend it, Publish it, Learn from it! Touch Juggler is a never before released complete game suitable for mobile platforms and browsers. Key Features Works on all platforms supported by Unity Ready for publishing Clean and well-structured and optimized code in C# with XML style comments and PDF readme Works on both Portrait and Landscape… Continue reading

Touch Diver

Touch Diver is a 3D arcade goalkeeping game for mobile devices. Features High quality 3D graphics and special effects Smooth touch controls Adjustable gloves/finger offset GameCenter leaderboards Auto Orientation to play at any device orientation Exciting gameplay, difficulty curve is based on your performance! ASSET STORE LINK